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Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers

Dialogue is a refereed and registered journal with ISSN 0974-5556. Editorial Advisory Board's decision on a typescript will be conveyed within two months from the date of receipt. Article not accepted for publication will be returned only if accompanied by a stamped self addressed envelope. Manuscripts of articles offered for publication should be about 5000 words and should be sent in hard copy as well as in soft copy to the undermentioned address, alongwith a certificate regarding the originality and the non-publication of the paper. They must conform to the latest M.L.A. style sheet (MLA Handbook, 7th ed.). They should be neatly typed in double space with a margin of atleast one and half inches on oneside of paper. The author's name and the institutional address should be mentioned on the title sheet of the article only. For reviews, we need two copies of the book-one for our reference and one for the reviewer. 


Review / Publication Policy

Dialogue is a refereed and registered journal with ISSN 0974-5556. Articles received on the theme of each issue by the subscribers of the journal, are referred to the Review Editors for the critical comments and possbile ramifications in the submitted papers. After the review of the papers, review reports are reverted to the authors for adequate corrections, and finally if they are found suitable for publications by the review editors, only then they are published in the journal. Only subscribing the journal does not guarantee its publication.